Cracked corner of mouth advice

I have cracked side of mouth. Can I treat with mupirocin 2% and follow up with triamcinolone 1%

Cold Sores | 07/24/2014


I had protected sex four months ago with a new partner who just informed me that he tested positive for chlamydia and believes he knows who it came from and i...

Chlamydia | 07/24/2014

Anxiety attack!

Sunday night, I was given a lollipop with pure THC in it (unbeknownst to me). It caused me to have a severe anxiety attack, slurred speech, extreme cotton mou...

Anxiety and Panic | 07/24/2014

Lump on arm after blood donation

I gave blood earlier today and I have a golf ball sized knot where they inserted the needle. It hurts to touch or bend my arm. I have had ice on it since I go...

General | 07/24/2014

Post-Concussion Vomiting: Is it typical?

Hello, I was diagnosed with a concussion 2 days ago, after falling backwards during a performance, and then 24 hours later, getting hit on the head with ...

Concussions | 07/24/2014
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