could i be pregnant

So my breasts have been sore for two weeks not due for my cycle for another five days..i always have breast soreness,but only right before I

Pregnancy | 04/16/2014

Brown Period - About to start the pill

About to start my first ever pack of the pill; however, my discharge is brown? Told to take it on the first day of my period - is this my period and still ok...

Birth Control | 04/16/2014

Irritation of throat after eating chocolate

I have an irritation of the throat after I eat chocolate and have a bad coughing fit in which I find it hard to take a breath. Am I allergic to chocolate?

Allergies | 04/16/2014

Chlorine Rash called Citra Shield (picture attached)

My 19 year old daughter has been a lifeguard for four years now. This year she developed a rash that she was told was a chlorine rash called Citra Shield. Wha...

Allergies | 04/15/2014

What are normal blood pressure levels?

Is this alarming? My blood pressure has been this the past 3 days: Friday- 153/98 HR 105 Saturday - 148/113 HR 120 Sunday- 156/96 HR 129

High Blood Pressure | 04/15/2014