Is the radiation exposure from a CT scan safe?

I had a small amount (cells) of blood in my urine. My blood work was normal. My doctor has ordered a CT scan. Is there any reason why I could not have ultras...

Bladder Infections | 07/30/2014

Treatment for cervical dysplasia class CINII

Hello Doctor My recent test result suggested I am HPV53 positive. Chronic cervicitis, significant cervical squamous epithelial hyperplasia, showing neoplas...

Cervical Cancer | 07/30/2014

Digestive advice

Hello, I just need some advice. Sometimes when i poop there is a small amount of mucus that is on the tissue when I wipe my bottom, is this normal? I also pa...

Digestive Disorders | 07/30/2014

headache after injury

I hit my head yesterday and today I woke up with a headache. Should I seek medical attention?

Headaches | 07/30/2014

Lower back pain after foot-landing fall

Is lower back and stomach pains resulting a fall into a 5 foot window well indication of a spinal fracture?

Back Pain | 07/30/2014
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