Supplements and weightlifting after ACL repair surgery

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I tore my acl during a football game back on Sept. 24 2010. I recently had surgery on my knee Nov. 12 2010. I choose do a hamstring graft. I was on crutches for only 1 week and now i can bend my knee 130 degrees. I have been doing therapy 3 times a week and the PT told me i am doing great. I love lifting weights. I was wondering if i could start taking supplements again such as protein, creatine. N.O. test boosters, ect. I will only be lifting upper body.

Dear Patient:   The standard rehab protocol post ACL reconstructive surgery, is about 4-6 weeks using crutches, non bearing weight period. After these 6 weeks you will start progressively to bear weight on the affected knee, and range of motion exercises (flexion-extension), along with quads straightening, and hamstring stretches. It will be expected some inflammation and pain when you start the exercise routine, but you will control these with anti inflammatory medication (“Aleve”, “Motrin”). You are making good progress and you could begin weight lifting with upper limbs. Regarding of the supplements intake I do not recommend anabolic steroids or “test boosters”.

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