14 year old with pain in lower stomach

Hi im 14 years old and I have pain in my lower right side and you could say im constipated if that has anything to do with that. Do i need to be worried?

Lower Right stomach pain

I can't sleep on my left side because it causes my right side of my abdomen to pain or whenever I breathe in my right side of my abdomen pains. I think it's t...

Appendicitis or lower right stomach strain?

Hi, I have had this off and on pain on lower right stomach since Monday afternoon. I didn't really think anything off it abd just thought its an abdominal str...

Having symptoms of appendicitis but nothing found in ultrasound

I went to the doctors they think I have appendicitis so I went to the hospital to get a ultrasound but they didn't find anything. What do you think it is?

Post-appendectomy pain in between surgical incisions

Hi, I had an emergency appendectomy six weeks ago and I have since had a terrible, sharp pain between two of the incisions, on my left hand side. Sometimes it...

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