Should I have my appendix removed?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I have pain in the lower right side radiating down my right leg and right testicle. Can push on the appendix area some times painful but most times not when pushing on the area. Have seen Doctor many times and have very little faith. Some days are OK but most are pain days. There are many nights I get woke up from a dead sleep with sharp pains in the right side and sweating. I have had My gallbladder removed 2yrs ago now and thru months of wasting money on visits finally the believed it was the gallbladder the EF was 0.

Dear Patient:  It is possible that you might have appendicitis. The typical order of symptoms in appendicitis is abdominal pain on the periumbilical area (around the belly button) which later transfers to the lower right side of the abdomen. Other common signs and symptoms are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and fever. Patients may only have some, not all, of these typical signs and symptoms. Appendicitis is a clinical diagnosis and is usually confirmed on examination by your doctor. However, having said that, I would recommend that you see your doctor and get an abdominal ultrasound, urinalysis, to rule out other causes of right sided abdominal pain such as kidney stones and diverticulitis.

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