Do I have gout or something else?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  My husband is 35 years old. About 1.5 years ago, he had severe ankle pain that seemingly came out of nowhere. At the time, the Drs basically said it must be from a pre exsisting injury and told him to watch out for other, worsening symptoms and sent him on his way. Now, about 2 mos ago, the exact same pain came back, always worst in the morning. It was so bad, that he went to the ER. He was given a blood test and the Dr ruled out gout. But, now 2 months later, he has a similar pain, in the opposite foot, more near the side of his foot on the side of his little toe. Again, the pain is horrible and nothing we know of could be the cause. Could the blood test be wrong, because to us, it sounds like gout. What else could it possible be? Drs so far have offered very little guidance...

Dear Patient:  Pain and stiffness specially in the morning may be due to arthritic involvement of the joints. Gout pain may be similar but may not be worse in the mornings. You may use a hot compress to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness. Reduce weight if you are overweight and have a healthy diet. Consultation with your family doctor may help diagnose the exact condition with the help of a few blood tests and Xrays.


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