Prednisone for Bronchitis

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I went to see a doctor and was told I had Bronchitis with a touch of Pneumonia and that my chest was really tight. The doctor put me on Prednisone 20mg tab and Doxycycline 100mg tab. Well now i have a running noise, body hurts all over, and have a sore throat. Could you please advise me in what I should do.

Dear Patient:  The antibiotic prescribed to you was for the purpose of treating an infection. the prednisone was prescribed to treat inflammation your doctor heard in the chest.  You are describing a situation where you are worsening while on treatment. This could be because the initial diagnosis was incorrect,  side effects of the medication have occurred, or the initial disease was resistant to the medications prescribed.  I suggest you see your doctor for a re-assesment. Good luck.

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