Hand pain and swelling after being hit

Dear Ask The Doctor:  My left index finger and knuckle is bruised and swollen from being hit. there is also a bruise on the palm side opposite of my knuckle. I can bend my finger and move it, but it's hard to pick up anything with my left hand. Also on the palm of my left hand by my wrist it throbs and hurts and when i touch it it feels kinda numb. i also feel a hard bump on my wrist underneath the thumb and when i push it hurts. what is going on with my hand?

Dear Patient:   The only way to determine certainly if you have a fracture is with imaging studies (x-rays, MRI). The metacarpal bones in the hand connect the bones in the finger to the bones in the wrist. There are 5 metacarpal bones to connect each finger to the wrist. All of the metacarpal bones have the same anatomic structure. Each consists of the base, the shaft, the neck, and the head (knuckle). The base of the metacarpal bone is the portion that attaches to the bones of the wrist. Then due to the blunt hand injury that you sustained you are having a local inflammatory response that is producing the pain. I strongly recommend a complete assessment of your hand by a hand specialist to rule out associated lesions and to ensure that you will receive the right treatment.

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