Leg lump after dog bite 3 months ago

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hello, I was biten by a ratweiler 3 months ago on the outer thigh(still part of quad). It bruised teriibly and that lasted for weeks. In the middle of the two puncture marks is a hard lump that is very tender if touched and sends pain down inner and outer quad down to each side of kneecap. My quad feels very tight and sore even around to the back of the quad. I also get sharp and throbbing pain around the knot. If I do any walking during the day it is very tight and sore. I had my sister who is a doctor of physical therapy feel the lump and she said it was definetly knot a muscle knot and she suspected myositis ossificans, what do you think?

Dear Patient:   According to your description your might have a complication of the previous dog bite, possibly a foreign body in the wound that you described as a hard lump, the other complications are: skin abscess, cellulitis, bacterial tenosynovitis, and disability due to muscle and tendon injury. Myositis ossificans is an unusual condition produced when soft-tissues are severely injured, a hematoma develop and bone forms within the muscle and this occurs at the site of the hematoma. The cause for this to develop is unknown. I strongly recommend you to get a consultation with a doctor who perform a physical examination and order some imaging studies to determine if you have for sure bone formation in the site of the previous dog bite or is foreign body.

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