Head Trauma: When to See a Doctor

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I was bending over to pick something up and hit my head pretty hard against my glass kitchen table, going down. On my hairline stright north of my eye. For like 10 seconds (or less), I was a little disoriented. Now (2 days later) it is sore to the touch with a minor tension headache and goose egg, but NO nausea, vomitting, fainting, blurred vision or speech, loss of consciousness, etc. Should I see a doctor?

Dear Patient:  What you are having could just be a contusion injury after hitting your head. Headaches are common. May I ask what you meant by disoriented? Were you disoriented in the sense you forgot your name or your address or don’t know the time of day or other important information that's hard to forget? If that is the case, then you need to seek medical help urgently. If not then just observe it for now. Head trauma with resultant loss of consciousness will always warrant CT scan. You may put some ice on the bump to help relieve the pain and reduce swelling. Tylenol or Advil may help with the headache. If the headache gets worse or barely relieved by pain relievers, or you will have episodes of vomiting or blurred vision or sudden speech difficulties, then it will be high time to go to the ER or consult a doctor promptly. I hope this helps.

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