Effects of sun on healed third degree burns

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Dear doctors, my brother received second and thrid degree burns on his upper half of his body about 4 years ago he is healed, but i am worried about long term affects cause he is working in the full sun lite now and he was told by the onsite medical rep that he had the onset to heat stroke, but all symtoms said he had heat stroke. so i did the best i could for him fluids ,potassium,cranberrys,so i guess my question is what are the long term affects of the sun and his burn and are there any studies of this,i am scared and at my wits end. he is a 41 year old male

Dear Patient:  With second and third degree burns, the sweat glands of the skin are destroyed and not replaced when the skin heals. Since sweating is important for regulation of body temperature, your brother may often have difficulty in hot and humid conditions. It would be best to avoid certain forms of exercise, recreation, or working conditions that may cause heat stroke. Also the sebaceous glands that secrete oil and lubricate skin gets destroyed, thus regular use of lotions may be required to prevent skin from getting dry. Healed skin is also more sensitive to sunburn than the normal skin. Thus reducing sun exposure and wearing loose fitting clothes may help.


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