Dear Ask The Doctor:  On the 18th my daughter spilt half a bottle of bleach all over herself though she didnt drink it she now has a really bad cough and so do i (mine actually taste like bleach)plus we've been running fevers up too 101.5 and having colds sweats is this from the bleach and if it is should i worry and take her to the doctor or will this go away (shes only 1 years old) please aswer me some one!?
Dear Patient:  I understand your concern about bleach and your current symptoms. Inhaling fumes from chlorine could cause temporary respiratory signs or symptoms such as cough and possibly difficulty breathing if there was an intense exposure to pure chlorine. However since you breathed, I will assume for a short period of time bleach, in my opinion this could be the cause of your cough and fever.
It is very possible that this might be cause by a virus that your daughter transmitted you, 101.5 F is very high and you should treat her immediately, I would suggest you to use physical methods such as bathing her in lukewarm water and give her Tylenol according to her age and weight, if the fever persists take her to the pediatrician as soon as possible.

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