Bad Coughing Spells

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hi, I've been having a persistent cough for about a week and half, sometimes i cough up a little bit of white mucus, but at other times it feels like i have something stuck in my throat. The coughing has gotten to the point that i sometimes feel short of breath. My cough happens to very bad at night, but i do not have a history of asthma.I'm not a fan of meds, but i have tried claritin and motrin, neither have did anything for me. Please let me know if there is anything to do and what it is.

Dear Patient:  Apparently due to the characteristics of your cough, post nasal drip might have probably be the reason for your persistent cough. This could be caused by your seasonal allergies history. I would suggest you to keep taking Claritin once daily and try to identify the allergens that might be causing your allergies.
Most commonly carpets, dust, certain perfumes and the environment might be causing the reaction. Motrin could be stopped now since it does not cause benefits in your condition. You could also try over the counter cough syrups if the cough is irritating your throat. I wish you a prompt recovery.

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