Dental Care

Knot/Lump under nose, above lip ... dental question

I'm in the process of getting a root canal ... waiting for the crown to come in. It was on tooth #9, top left tooth. My upper lip was swollen tremendously, but have been taking antibiotics for 5 d...


Post wisdom tooth removal, Do I have an abscess on my jaw?

I am a 25 year old male in good overall health. 7 days ago I had one wisdom tooth removed, my lower right. surgery went well and healing was painful but not too bad. I was given a prescription for ...


Two front teeth broken from the roots

Hello, My son fell down yesterday and broke his front two teeth while playing, the teeth came out from the roots. We immediately approached a dentist but the dentist said that more than 30 minutes...


What is this? Is this gum disease, please help.

So I recently went for a dental checkup, They took x-rays. They said I had one cavity and nothing else. Although I heard them mention I had a lot of buildup along my gum line. So they removed it. ...


Overexposure to Dental Radiographic Tests

I went to my dentist the other day for him to check on a broken pre-molar. His dental assistant decided to go ahead and get X-rays prior to my seeing the dentist, as she was sure he would need them...

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