Ear Infection after Flight

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Last wednesday I went on an airplane while getting over a cold. ever since I got off my left ear has been plugged. I cant hear out of my ear and occasionally hear my heart beat. When I first got off the plan my ear hurt very bad. Now, I had taken a plane back and still my ear didn't unplug. I've tried all the things the internet says to do to unplug ears. What can I do to unplug my ear. 

Dear Patient:  It seems you may have developed an ear infection called otitis media with effusion. This simply means that there is an infectionbehind the ear drum which has caused a build-up of fluid.This would explain all of your symptoms. The ear infection has most likely resulted from the cold you were havingbefore the flight. The change in airpressure while flying may have made matters worse. You will need to see a physician who will prescribe a course of antibiotics. Your symptoms should resolve with treatment.

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