Enlarged Prostate

avodart side effects

I took Avodart for about 3 months with Flomax./ But I have noticed breast enlargement. If I stop Avodart will the breast enlargement stop. thank you

Enlarged prostate and Terazosin

About 2 months ago my Dr. told me my prostate was enlarged. before that I was being treated for an infection I was taking 500 mg of Ciprofloxacin.I was havin...

Relation between Anihistamines and BPH

I have been taking 10mg of Loratadine daily for years with great success. I currently take one every day first thing in the morning. I am 60 years old and ha...

General Anesthia done in doctor office for TUMT

My husband is 47 and had a TUMT done 2 weeks ago in the doctors office. He was not given a choice of different procedures. He is a very large man (over 350...

Recovery after Prostate removal

I have trouble with urination and my doctor told me that I could undergo an operation that would scrape my prostate. If I had such an operation, how long wou...

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