Scary hotflashes in a 43 year old lady

Dear Ask The Doctor:  43 year old female. Getting scary hotflashes around ovulation and period time. I say scary because they do not sound to me like regular hotflashes that my female friends sometimes experience. I feel like someone has told me something terrible my stomach drops I get nauseated and my body gets really hot, reaches a peak and then it starts to go away. It leaves me cold, clamy , shaken and very scared. They can happen at any time, sleeping, reading being active.

Dear Patient:  It is very natural to feel concerned when on is experiencing symptoms of hot flashes. Let me assure you that hot flashes are very common in your age group and occur in about 75 percent women in the perimenopausal period. Hot flashes are almost always due to the menopause and is very rarely caused due to other problems such as hyperthyroidism and carcinoid syndrome.
Hot flashes may be associated with insomnia and may also cuase anxiety and depression symptoms. The cause of hot flashes is unknown, and are thought to be because of dysfunction of the body's thermoregulatory function.
I would advise you to see your doctor or preferably an obstetrician to further evaluate your hot flashes. Your doctor may advice a complete blood count, thyroid and hormonal levels. Postmenopausal hormone therapy with low dose estrogen is currently recommended for short-term management of moderate-to-severe vasomotor flushes. I hope the information helps, take care.

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