Mathimazole, Propanolol, Pantoprazole, Lanoxin, Omacor given to my mother for hyperthyroidism

My mother is suffering from hyperthyroidism and ulcer. and her doctor gave all this medicine Mathimazole (Tapazole), Propanolol (Inderal), Pantoprazole (Panto...

Hyper Thyrodism / Hyper Tension

Doctor..I am getting married by End March and my Fiancee has been diognized with Hyper Thyroidism and Hyper Tension..Will it affect marriage in any way during...

Are hairloss and skin itch symptoms of Hyperthyroidism?

Does hyperthyroid could be related with hair loss and skin itch? I am 28 year old woman.

Hyperthyroidism at an early age

Good day i am 21 years old and pregnant. way back in my teenage years, i noticed my neck being at its abnormal size, yet i didn't payed attention to it. i wo...

Hyperthyroidism sympt,oms and treatment

What is the symptoms of hyperthiyoridism and what is covering period and symptoms