Joint pain on right side of my body.

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I am trying to figure out what is causing pain in joints on the right side of my body, and I am beginning to become concerned. Unfortunately, I am unable to obtain medical insurance, and am trying to avoid a hefty medical fee. I have been experiencing pain in my right knee for nearly 6 years now, and it occasionally locks or goes out, as well as as an inability to extend or retract my leg fully. For the last few years, my right elbow would occasionally pop, and I would experience shooting pains, this would always go away after a week, however, this has been a constant pain for the last few months, and is nearly unbearable at times. There is also a loss of range of motion and swelling. The newest thing to show up is on the right side of my hip, again, I do not have the full range of motion, and it just feels stiff with moderate pain so far. I am just concerned that this may be symptoms of a more serious ailment. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to address my concerns.

Dear Patient:   In the view that you have 3 important joints involved in a process that looks like something systemic, I strongly recommend  that you get an appointment with a internal medicine doctor, so you have a  complete clinical, imaging  and lab test evaluation to rule out a potentially serious condition.

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