Fatty liver and kidney stones diagnosed on ultrasound scan

Dear Ask The Doctor:  The recent findings of a ultrasonography reveals the following :-

Liver reveals mild changes of fatty infiltration of parencyma.

6mm size calculus is seen in inferior calyces of right kidney.

Pl advise the treatment

Dear Patient:  Fatty liver describes a condition where inflammation and accumulation of fat and fibrous tissue occurs in the liver. It can be associated with alcohol abuse, no alcohol consumption (NASH), diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance. Fatty liver diagnosed on ultrasound scan requires interpretation in association with liver function tests, clinical history and requires follow-up with a gastroenterologist/hepatologist. The most serious complication in fatty liver disease is the risk of progression to cirrhosis of the liver.Renal calculus means kidney stone, and treatment is dependent on the presence of symptoms and size and location of the stone. Most stones 10 mm in diameter. Some medications may be prescribed to help passage of a kidney stone, including antispasmodic agents, calcium channel blockers, and alpha blockers, which have been used in combination with or without steroids. Referral to an urologist is necessary if a stone >10 mm in diameter, or the stone fails to pass by conservative management, or uncontrolled pain is present with a stone >4mm in diameter.

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