Hypodense lesion in the liver

Dear Ask The Doctor:  In a ct scan of my abdomen they found in segment 6 of the liver a hypodense lesion measuring 2.8cm in maximal transverse diameter appearance not typical for a haemangioma but could be a hepatic adenoma, focal nodular hyperplasia or atypical haemangioma. what does this mean?

Dear Patient:  A hypodense lesion in the liver like it was already explained to you could be produced by different conditions including benign or malignant tumors, let me reassure you that hypodense lesion does not necessarily means cancer.
At this time we cannot tell you exactly which condition you have, you would need to have a more detailed study including your history of signs and symptoms as well as family history and possibly a biopsy to confirm your physician’s suspicion. I would suggest you first to have a second CT scan for comparison purposes. Also your physician might need to have a better view and order an MRI. I wish you the best.

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