Help me please

Dear Ask The Doctor:  What is pulmonary nodule i have two one is 2mm the other is 6.5mm what does this mean

Dear Patient:  I understand your concern about pulmonary nodules. These nodules may occur due to various conditions such as infectious granulomas, hamartomas, pulmonary abscesses, vasculitic lesions and lung cancer. It is highly unlikely that your pulmonary nodules are cancerous because they are small in size. A larger lung nodule, such as one that's 25 mm or larger, is more likely to be cancerous than is a smaller lung nodule. A repeat CT or X-ray may be required to compare for growth and change in appearance. If any change is noted, you might probably need to have a biopsy. I would suggest you to consult your physician for a more detailed evaluation and explanation of the condition. I wish you the best.

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