Osteosarcoma spreading to the lungs

Dear Ask The Doctor:  What are the characteristics of osteosarcoma that has spread to the lungs? Primarily, i was wondering if the tumors affect the lymphatic system. Thanks in advance!

Dear Patient:  As you may already know, this is a malignant bone cancer that usually develops during the period of rapid growth occurs. When metastasis occurs commonly to the lungs, considered as poor prognosis however prompt chemotherapy as well as surgical resection especially when metastasis are located in the periphery of the lungs, the incidence of mortality due to lung metastasis might be reduced.
Being a primary tumor with enriched venous drainage, this would be considered the primary form of metastasis. Less often, tumor emboli remain confined to the perivascular interstitium and spread along the lymphatic channels toward the hilum or lung periphery. I hope I cleared your doubt.

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