Can I Tattoo a mole?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I have a non pigmented mole on my face that i was considering to have removed, but dont want the scar. So now im wondering if i could tattoo it so its darker, or henna it without casing irritation or cancer. So far i only use make-up to colour it as it looks like a constant pimple.

Dear Patient:  Moles or nevi are common skin lesions caused by the proliferation of pigment cells in the skin called melanocytes. Moles are usually benign in nature, however in my opinion it would be good practice to get it examined by a dermatologist to rule out malignant melanoma (a cancerous form of nevi).
A mole may be treated for cosmetic reasons and the surgical options are electrosurgery/shave biopsy and excision biopsy, which may in some cases leave a scar. I would suggest that you consult a dermatologist before going ahead for a tattoo.

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