Lumps on neck with pain??

Dear Ask The Doctor:  My husband and I live in Haiti right now working as missionaries. He started having sharp pains in the side of his neck about 4-5 days ago. He how as of yesterday has about 5 lumps on the side of his neck and one on his face. He feels very run down and keep going to bed to rest several times a day. No fever, just pain, tiredness and lumps on the side of his neck. The lumps are about as big around as a dime.

Dear Patient:  A swollen cervical lymph node may signify an infective pathology involving an adjacent structure. Tooth infection, throat infections from bacteria or viruses, upper respiratory tract infection may all cause swollen lymph nodes. The treatment will depend on the underlying cause. If rest, antibiotics and painkillers are not effective in reducing the symptoms and size of the nodes, i would suggest that you visit your doctor to investigate for more serious causes like lymphomas or abscess.

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