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Infected cat scratch

My cat scratched me after bleeding for a moment the wound started oozing clear fluid. it has been two days and it is syill oozing. What should i do?


Origin of My Chronic Pain

If the drug Elavil relieves pain in my head, neck, and eyes what are some likely causes of this pain?


Unknown pain in legs

Hi, Over the last week or so I've had some pain in my legs. The pain seems to be moving from leg to leg. Some days I only feel it in the left leg. Some days the right. Some days both. I feel it...


Numbness down there

I am 16. For the past three days the left underside of my penis near the base has been feeling numb. I noticed the feeling after my girlfriend had "straddled" me while sitting, and I reca...


Lost control of my arm then I fainted

I lost control of my right arm, it was shaking and I couldn't move it. The day it happen, I lost control three time but the third time I felt my right arm going above my head and I fainted . I woke...

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