Numbness, Spasms, Pins and Needles Sensation in Extremities

A few days ago i started getting pins and needles in my hands and legs which turned in to a prickly heat on the bottom half of my legs.I also had had muscle s...

Pulse rate for a women getting raped

hi.i am engineering student.i am doing one project.i have some medical doubts?what will be pulse rate of the women during rape attempt and how we classify it ...

Sound in ear causes back "tickle"

If I have any sort of up close noise in my right ear like a whisper a nerve or something where my hip meets my back on my right side "tickles" and i...

Muscle in arms or thigh trembling

why my muscles arms, or thigh trembles even when i m sitting for like 30sec?

Chronic all over body pain

64yr old last 4 yrs seen many specialist . Each different diagnosis. Polymostits , PMR, FB, ALS &etc. biop for nerve & muscles , body scan , lung dr. ...

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