Buttock numbness after surgical removing of a mole

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hi, I have had a surgical removal of a mole in the buttock area and since then I have had this constant numbness in the buttock, groin and and down to the feet. My feet feel heavy when I lift them up the stairs and there is a burning sensation in addition to the tingling feeling in the feet while walking. Could this be due to nerve damage in the buttock area by the surgeon? or maybe Sciatica? Your advice please about this issue. Thanks

Dear Patient:  A mole is a superficial skin tumor. Its removal does not require your surgeon to excise more than a few millimeters of skin depth. This would not be deep enough to damage any major nerves. You may experience some numbness of the skin near the prior location of the mole but this will be insignificant. Your symptoms suggest a problem in your spinal cord. You will need a complete examination and imaging test such as MRI to identify the cause of your symptoms. Do not delay in seeking medical attention as your symptoms could worsen and may become irreversible!

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