Refractory Asthma, what is it?

I have been told that I have refractory asthma. I am trying to find a definition of what is refractory asthma, that i understand. I am assuming it means that it is hard to control.


Blood sugar level high at 318 in 53 year old female

Can i know the reasons for the blood sugar level shown at 318 for a person aged 53 female


Can you drink coffee before you go in for jaw surgery?

I will have a surgery for the first time on my life my surgery is jaw surgery and am a coffee drinker i drink 4 cups of coffee each day my question is should i stop drink coffee before my...


Asthma and Travelling

Hi Doc, I am having asthma from the age of 8 and still having asthma and taking budamate inhaler as suggested by doc.I keep travelling weekends to my hometown.Will travelling effects asthma allergy??


What is the difference between foracort and combihale

Sir What is the difference between foracort 200 and combihale ff 250

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