What is the difference between foracort and combihale

Sir What is the difference between foracort 200 and combihale ff 250

Asthma exacerbation lasting 2 weeks

I've had asthma for 25 years. For the past 2 weeks I jave had to ise my nebulizer with duoneb q4 due to dyspnea that comes on like clock work. Non productive ...

Am confused between Telekast , Telekat-L , Telekast F and other varioations.

Dear Doctor I am suffering from Bronchitis since in was 3 yrs old... I have an allergy from pollens that are in the air during April Month. I am taking...


I m feeling breathless most of the times...even with low activity. I have been diagnosed with rhinitis allergy. Please can u suggest cure and help me.

Asthmatic with weight loss and chronic cough what it can be?

Hi! My husband is an Asthmatic since 3yrs and takes Serflo 250mg everyday. Past 1 month I've observed weight loss, increased fatigue , increased instances of ...