Pain Management

9548 ng/ml morphine--is this a LETHAL amount for a 145lb man?

My siblings and I received a toxicology report on our father, that stated that he had 9548 ng/ml morphine in his system. The test was performed approximately one year after his death. His weight ...


Meds with bad side effects

Hi, i am BEGGING for your help; i am a chronic pain patient with a pain mgt doctor i see every month for the 3 years; i take a ER and IR meds; both narcotics; doctor changed the IR to something dif...



Hi drs! Please please help! I have had the worst xiphoid pain in going on a year now! These episodes come randomly and are not triggered by anything I do! I have seen my primary dr and based on...


Overdose on tylenol

What would happen if someone OD on 100 325 mg tylenol but got to the hospital 2hrs from the time they took the pills?


Rectus femoris muscle tear

I have a moderate tear in my right rectus femoris muscle. Doctors have told me there's nothing they can do to help this tear. I've been in daily pain for over two years now and want to know if th...

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