Pain Management

joint pain

my ankles are very painful and they feel like they are being stangulated

pain management

I was prescribed 30 mg of morphine for moderate pain. If I want to take only 15mg is it ok to break the tablet in half

Can I take voltaren and remeron together?

Is it safe to take voltaren 75 mg tablets with remeron 30 mg tablets together.?I took a voltaren 75 mg tablet about 6 hours ago. Is it safe to take a remeron ...

Friend took an overdose of pain killer

Friend ate about 15-20 tablets of crocin and combiflam at a time, what should be done now? he just getting stomache while drinking water. nothing else, still...

Pain Management and Seizure Disorder

Should a 94 year old man who has had a Tonic - Clonic Seizure and is on Sodium Valproate, take Tramadol or Co-codamol for his pain?