Pain Management

Overdose on tylenol

What would happen if someone OD on 100 325 mg tylenol but got to the hospital 2hrs from the time they took the pills?

Rectus femoris muscle tear

I have a moderate tear in my right rectus femoris muscle. Doctors have told me there's nothing they can do to help this tear. I've been in daily pain for ov...

Stitches and Roller Coasters

About half a week ago I got two stitches on my ankle due to broken glass. It is on the side of my ankle by the bone. I have to keep the stitches in for two we...

joint pain

my ankles are very painful and they feel like they are being stangulated

pain management

I was prescribed 30 mg of morphine for moderate pain. If I want to take only 15mg is it ok to break the tablet in half

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