Well defined hypoechoic Pancreatic "node" for two years

Dear Ask The Doctor:  2 years ago during an ultrasound for my gallbladder the tech noticed a nodular density on my pancreas. They called it a "yellow dot file" I recently changed Drs and my new one found the report and sent me for US, next week. This is what the last years report says: liver homogenous. no evidence of biliary dilation. Portal vein reveals hepatopetal flow. known cholelithiasis. Tail of the pancreas not seen. hypoechoic, well-defined nodular density anterior to the pancreatic head or within the anterior aspect of the pancreatic head measuring 1.9x1.1x1.8. Could be lymph node, or pancreatic head cyst with debris, other solid lesion cant be excluded. Follow up suggested and MRI should be considered. That was two years ago, and I didnt even know. With my understanding this is the internet and one cant be diagnosed this way, any impression on the results? My bloodwork looked good, but I have been having stomach issues. My food does not seem to digest, but sit at the top of my stomach making me look very pregnant, All it takes is a few bites. I have recently had Mononucleosis and a Vitamin D Deficiency. I have recurring pain upper left side near ribs. I also have a brain disease that creates too much CSF fluid called Intracranial Hyptertension.I am 37 years old, former smoker, obese (working on it)and have diabetes 2 and sleep apnea. I am a female. thank you so much!

Dear Patient:  The ultrasound results suggest that the mass identified is benign i.e. not cancer. However, an ultrasound is not the best test to clearly visualize tumors of the pancreas. I do not think it wise to another ultrasound. Instead speak with your doctor about a CT scan or MRI of your abdomen. These tests will give a better indication of what this 'node" could be and if it is responsible for your stomach symptoms.

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