Can I re-pierce my belly button

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hi Im a 18 yr old who had my navel piercing done 8 months ago. I think an migration had occurrred since my piercing had slowly grow out in an unnoticible speed that i had only discovered recently that my skin had become so thin. There wasnt any major bleeding or infections but a tiny amount of constant discharge (its semi-dry and its white-ish in colour). I didnt get any pain throughout the process, though ive noticed the skin outside the piercing had grown a little harder. Oh btw im an Asian and i've heard that different races have different level of skin sensitivity and tendency to leave scars. So i really really want to know 1.what should i do next? Should i remove my piercing? 2.Can i re-pierce my belly button after it healed? 3. Will it become better if i pierce it deeper and use a thicker gauge?? Pls give me some advice. I had found several answers online but they are different from one another so i cant trust them. Your proffessional help is indeed so much appreciated!

Dear Patient:  Signs that indicate infection include red, inflamed and painful with yellow or greenish discharge. Small amounts of white discharge may be normal during the healing period (which is a minimum of 6 months in case of belly piercing). However, from your description it seems that you may be having a rejection reaction to the jewellery, and may require to remove it  before the body’s own defence mechanisms push it out leading to scarring. Best would be to get your belly button examined by a doctor and if rejection reaction is diagnosed you might as well get it removed. You may get it re pierced at any time after complete healing has been achieved. Make sure to use high quality metal, may be titanium or high quality gold with no or minimum nickel content, to avoid any reaction.


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