Back Pain

Possible lower back strain

I have dull lower back pain for a week. I can also feel it in my butt and back of thighs at times. Does this sound like a strain to you? I dont remember exactly when I injured it.



Can steroid injections for inflammation cause Addisons symptoms, and if so, will the adrenals recover on their own?


Numbness from the waist down when I walk, bend or pivot at the waist.

Hello, It seems that when I walk or turn at the hips or bend I tend to go numb from the waiste downwards. this is acompanied by internal pain in both hips ( occassionally the buttocks) and what fe...


Red & White Blood Low

My brother has low Red & White Blood Cells and he want to know why are they low. His Dr. dose not know why they are low.


Something heavy fell on my back

Something heavy fell on my lower back on the right side yesterday and it still hurts, what should i do to reduce the pain?

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