Back Pain

Massive back pain because of ovaries flipping?

I have had massive pain in my back for 2-3 weeks, worse then I've ever experienced, but mostly in the lower right side. I've heard recently that it's possible...

Recurring lower back muscle spam

Reoccuring back muscle spam. Have visited gp and given medication ( PEEFEN FORTE & NORGESIC tablets), and to massage with METHY SALICYLATE. Require a pe...

Right side serve pain

I've had horrible back pains, almost a constant cramping, for about 9 months now on my right side around my lower ribs that sometimes shoots around my side. I...

Sharp Lower Back Pain after bending over

What's causing my pain? I have really sharp pain in my lower back that began after I put my 14 month old son into the car. It has been almost 24 hours and the...

Can't Move without being out of breath

So besides the obvious; seeing a doctor what should I do?

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