Back Pain

Back pain

Hi, for the past 3/4 days I been noticing back pain. It started from shooting, stabbing pain on my right side , now it's hurting from both sides. No more shooting or stabbing pain though. Any sugge...


Back / neck pain severe head ache

I have severe back pain and neck pain at least twice a month,, with the stiff neck I get a severe headache and the two knots at the base of my skull(one on each side of spinal cord) that have alwa...


Chronic mid-lower back pain

Hello! My name is Shay and I am 18 years old. I have just finished up my weekly visits to the Chiropractor for a month for chronic mid to lower back pain in the right side that seemed to be coming ...


Pain in middle right side of back

Pain in middle of back. hurt to breath or if its touched when bending to the right side


Leg difference back pain

Why does my right leg appear to be shorter than my left leg all of a sudden forcing me to tilt to the right and causing pain in my left lower back and sometimes in my left upper leg

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