Rectal Bleeding : Should i go see a doctor?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl who's slighlty overweight and when i go to the toilet to do number 2's i noticed that there was a lot of blood. It doesn't hurt and there is no strain in the toilet and i don't have the need to go to the toilet a lot. The blood is red, and there is so much blood that you can't see through the water and only the feces. This started about two days ago. I haven't gone to the doctors nor have i told my parents. What do you think it's most likely to be and what should i do to stop this?

Dear Patient:  You may be having an acute gastroentertitis ie a acute stomach infection . You may also have some polpys or some local trauma/fissure which is leading to these symptoms. However since you say that there is a lot of blood this needs to be investigated further for other potentially harmfull conditions. Please inform your parents and see your family physician as soon as possible. Continuos blood loss and large quantities of blood loss is potentially very dangerous.

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