Sinus Infection not responding to Antibiotics

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I have a sinus infection that doesn't respond to anti-botics (so likely not bacteria), my doctor said to take sudafed (psuedophendrine), is there anything else I can do. It doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Dear Patient:  A lack of response to antibiotics does not always mean that the infection is not bacterial. It could suggest that the antibiotics being used are not effective against the specific bacteria causing the infection. I have no reason to think that this applies to your infection. Bare in mind that a viral sinus infection usually resolves without any specific treatment in about 7-10 days. Treatment of symptoms can be achieved with medications such as Sudafed as you are presently taking. No other medications or treatment is required. Give your infection a few more days to resolve. If your symptoms have not subsided significantly after 10 days you should return to your doctor.

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