Chronic sinusitis, enlarged lymph node and elevated phosphatase

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hello! I was diagnosed with sinusitis, because  I've had phlegm in my mouth from the last winter and now it's march! (that's about 7 months now) and have done the antibiotics plus sudafed cure for 5 days, but I FORGOT TO TAKE SUDAFED! Is this bad? Because my forehead still feels very fat and sometimes hurts. and i still have phlegm in my mouth! the doctor had also done blood test it showed that everything was OK, except for the high rate of phosphatase , 342 UL. Could this be linked to the problem? Also the doctor touched my neck and said that i have Enlarged lymph node. what could that be? Help me out, doctor!

Dear Patient:  It seems you have chronic sinusitis. The treatment for this condition is aimed at relieving your symptoms. S medications such as Sudafed and other decongestants are usually helpful. These medications don not cure your condition but instead they control your symptoms allowing you to go about your normal activities. The enlarged lymph node is related to your sinusitis is not a cause for concern.
The elevated phosphatase is most likley related to rapid bone growth which you will experience as you go through puberty.

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