Pigmnted lesion in labia minora

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Dear Dr, i know that may be i am posting my question in the wrong forum but really i need your help.yesterday i was taking a shower then i discovered a brown mass pin head sized, rounded not painful,elevated from the skin surface in my lower third of my labia minora. shall you tell me what is the differential diagnosis of this mass?what shall i do? Thank you so much

Dear Patient:  The differential diagnosis of vulvar lesions is large and it is impossible for me to comment on the lesion that you have. However, I would advise you to consult your doctor to rule out the presence of sexually transmitted infection.
Vulvar carcinoma is an uncommon gynecologic malignancy and may present as vulvar masses of irregular and polypoid shape. These lesions can be white, red, or pigmented. If the ulcer is suspicious for cancer, your health care provider may take a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

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