Thick Gooey Saliva - On CPAP machine

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I have been waking up everyday now for about two weeks with really thick,gooey saliva (excessive amounts),and my nasal cavity at the back of my throat is blocked. It sometimes feels like it is stuck together. I can not pull air through my nose. I wear a cpap machine at night to sleep,but it does not help because of the fact that my nasal cavity tends to be blocked or stuck together at the back of my throat. What would cause that,and what would cause the excessive amounts of thick,gooey saliva?
Dear Patient:  I do understand your concern for the symptoms that you are facing. It is most probable that you are breathing with you mouth during sleep. This results in drying of the mucous membranes of the mouth and increase the saliva thickness.
I would advise you to see your doctor or sleep therapist and make sure that the size of the CPAP mask is appropriate for you. Also you may use humidifiers at a low setting to relieve the symptoms. Use of chin straps will help keep the mouth closed during sleep. Oral creams can also be used to prevent excessive drying of the mucosa.

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