Redness in the throat

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Honorable doctor
I am a 30 y.o vocalist suffering from a chronic pharyngitis about 3 months now I wanted to send you the symptoms of my disease to give me some professional advice about it:

1)feeling of dryness in throat.

2)feeling of tiredness after talking awhile that makes me stop the conversation.

3)severe redness in the region of throat.

4)feeling of tightness inside the throat as if something external is stuck in there.

5)There is no feeling of hoarsness but continuousley I clear my throat.

6)continual dry cough
Dear Patient:  Singers/vocalists commonly develop a condition called singer?s nodules on the vocal cords. This condition may present with the symptoms you have described. You should see an ENT specialist so that he/she may perform a direct laryngoscopy (examination to look at the inner throat) and confirm the diagnosis. This condition is not fatal and can often be treated with resting the voice and appropriate anti-inflammatory medications.

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