I have a crack on the roof of my mouth(CleftPallet) I don't know if it's Normal.

Dear Ask The Doctor:  The crack goes from my top front teeth where the gap between the two teeth are, completley straight through the roof of my mouth,I can run my tongue across it and once it gets to the softer section it ends.The left side of the crack seems to be more elevated then the other, like its layering? im really confused. Sorry if i explained it wierd. Theres been times it hurt. had a bruse like pain where i could push my finger through the roof of my mouth easily. (cleftPallet)

Dear Patient:  Cleft palate is a birth defect caused when there is some abnormality during gestational development of the palate. Usually there may be other developmental problems along with the cleft palate, so an examination with a doctor is important.
Problems with cleft palate include feeding problems, speech difficulty and repeated ear infections. Usually a cleft palate is repaired within the first year of life, though you may consult your doctor for other treatment options like speech therapy and surgery.

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