L1 wedge fracture

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Two days ago I fell and fracturd my vertibrate. Went to the hospital and sent home with nothing but endocet, no back brace nothing and told to make an appointment with othro. I couldn't even walk out of the hospital. Do you think they should of done more at least kept me over night to observe me and what can I do to make sure I don't injure myself further til I get to orthro

Dear Patient:  Vertebral fractures can be quite painful and can have devastating consequences. I have assumed that your only symptom was severe pain and that you did not have any paralysis. That being the case, there was no need to keep you in hospital for observation. The primary aim would be to relieve your pain and advise you to rest. A back brace would have been of little if any benefit as it is difficult to stabilize the spine externally. You should see your orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible to be examined and advised accordingly.

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