Ketones in urine

Hello, I recently went to my doctor because I was concerned about my blood sugar. I had been to a clinic a week prior and my fasting blood sugar was 97 which...

Diabetes and Food Allergies

Why I am getting occasional food allergies after being diagnosed with diabetes . Is there any relation between the two ?

Finger disorder problem

Hello Diabetic patient finger is disorder problem facing.Doctor answered this is majja lose problem not treatment available.i add example photo please replay...

Diabetes Medicine?

I was diagnosed 7 months ago with type 2 diabetes, by my VA Nurse Practitioner, I was not told any more as to what was going on or treatment. I had an appoint...

Medication dosage

The first glipizide pill I ever took caused a severe reaction, so I cut it one in half and used it that way for 2 days without a problem. Do I need to inform ...

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