diabetic nerve damage in the foot

I have type 2 diabetes and also have nerve damage to feet due to it. My big toe is turning black, why and what can i do about it?

No diabetes medications

"Hi , my friend has diabetes and has been feeling low with it she has also been feeling dizzy because of it, she has no medication for it and is meant to...

Glucose level at 140

I ate about 2 1/2 hours ago and by glucose level was 140. Is that normal/okay? Should I be tested for pre diabetes?

Will a continuous heart rate monitor help in detecting low blood sugar?

My dad goes out for walking & jogging for an hour & sometimes returns back with low blood sugar level which has symptoms like excessive sweating, dizz...

Shoud I test for Pre-Diabetes?

Hello, I am starting to become concerned about whether I am developing pre-diabetes after having researched many of the symptoms. I realize my risk is very lo...

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