Stop the shakes ,are my sugars causing me to do this ?

When your sugars go down between 55 and 70 can that cause extream shaking ?


Is it possible for someone with diabetes to be cured?

Is diabetes curable? I was wondering if someone has it, does it mean they have it for life?


Asking about a1c levels for diabetics.

Is 12.3 high for a1c test?thats what mine is.


Sugar Problems

Hi doctor, i dont know i i had doabetes but i had some problems after eating sugars lately and i stope eating completly. When i eat cakes , chocolate and other lets say "hard" sugar , nex...


My granddad suffers from diabetes

Hello, I am writing in concern to my granddad, who suffers from diabetes, and lost his sight throughout the years. He know lies in bed, barely moves, and has to be catered for every day. So far ...

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