Medication dosage

The first glipizide pill I ever took caused a severe reaction, so I cut it one in half and used it that way for 2 days without a problem. Do I need to inform ...

Brown spots

I have a light brown patch of skin under both arm pits my doctor said to get blood work done for diabetes I am not over weight and I am in the sun a lot I was...

What do these symptom's mean

What's wrong with me These past two weeks have been horrible. I have symptoms of deadly diseases and my dad won't believe me. Mother did same thing. I can'...

Diabetes worry

I think I'm diabetic, it runs in the family and I have many symptoms. I'm tired all the time, have thrush regular, and I'm thirsty and hungry all the time.

diabetes in toddlers

what is a normal blood sugar level for a 3 year old?

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