Ankle Gives out while walking

Dear Ask The Doctor:  My left ankle gives out sometimes when i walk down a flight of stairs is that normal i have tendonitis in my right ankle the achilles tendon could i have that in my left ankle as well

Dear Patient:   Most likely you had in the past an ankle sprain, that produced a lesion in the ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint. If this sensation of instability continues, I recommend an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon to assess the states of the ankle ligaments. But from now on you should emphasize the sprain prevention, and this can be as simple as wearing the right shoes or as complicated as balance training for athletes. Keep the ankles strong and flexible. Consult with the doctor or physical therapist for strengthening exercises. Do the same for your wrists. Wear proper shoes for every activity. Always wear stable shoes that give your ankle proper support. High-top basketball shoes are a good choice. If you are planning to participate in a sport, consider having a weak ankle taped to offer extra support. If you had have repeated sprains, wearing an ankle brace while playing may help as well. Making sure that the playing field (or home environment) is clear of any holes or obstacles also can help avoid injury.

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