Lumps on top of both testicles, not painful to touch, but hurt when squeezed

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I normally wouldn't use anything like this but I am mildly concerned about problems with my testes.
Ok so the issue is on the top of my testes I have 3 lumps, I will attach a simple diagram. There is one on each testicle and it is not firmly attached to the testicle, they move around, but definitely joined somehow to the testicle, also they feel as if they are in the plumbing ( sorry for incorrect name) down there. When I squeeze them they hurt a little, a similar pain to being punched down there, and when I examine them and feel them a little bit they can ache for a while.
The third is on the top of the left testicle, again it is joined but out on a strand and moves around a little, like the others it doesn't hurt to touch but if I squeeze it can hurt a little. I have had these all for a few years now but never been to the doctor and I know it is your job but I really would appreciate some advice other than "go see the doctor" Im 20 years old, a little overweight but not morbidly obese or anything, and I am physically fit, strong and healthy, and seldom get ill, I would really really like a little insight as to what this could be and would really appreciate a professional opinion, please find attached a crude diagram of whats happening.

Dear Patient: 

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