Vertigo when looking at computer screen?

Hello, I am a student and spend a lot of time on the computer doing school work (usually several hours per day). The past week or so, I have noticed a fee...

Advice please

Dear doctor I am currently experiencing spinning room sensations, nausea, eye twitching, ringing in my ear, distorted balance which I cannot walk with. I also...

Rocking heavy

Is the rocking sensation vertigo?infection?

Vertigo going on for almost 2 weeks

I am having trouble with vertigo, is there anything that can help it,, has been going on almost 2 weeks. thanks

Dizziness, headaches and breastmilk with a negative at home pregnancy test

I am not taking any medications or use any drugs. For the past three weeks I have been feeling dizzy, headaches, and my breasts have grown. Now I have breast...