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Pulsating and Warmth in my Head, Pulsating Stomach and Chest, Lightheadedness with Vertigo

Hi. I was diagnosed with peripheral vertigo 4 days ago and the dizziness and spinning is gone now. But since then I have been getting pressure headaches and increasingly pulsating heartbeats and wa...


When will my vertigo go away

It all started around may when i got carsick. i thought it was just carsickness but everytime i got in the car i would feel very nauseous, then everytime i read a book looked at the computer or pho...


Can Vertigo be related to hormones?

I get vertigo from time to time and most of the time it seems to happen around "that time of the month" can Vertigo be related to hormones?


Vertigo when looking at computer screen?

Hello, I am a student and spend a lot of time on the computer doing school work (usually several hours per day). The past week or so, I have noticed a feeling of what may be vertigo when I look...


Advice please

Dear doctor I am currently experiencing spinning room sensations, nausea, eye twitching, ringing in my ear, distorted balance which I cannot walk with. I also feel very tired after these symptoms. ...

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