Concussion: how long should you stay up for?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  If you think you might have a concussion how long should you stay up for?

Dear Patient:   A concussion is a brain injury that produces headache, altered levels of alertness and unconsciousness. Most of the time is the result of an important and significant blow to the head that shakes the brain inside the skull, which temporarily prevents the brain from working normally. It depends on the severity of the trauma, some people feel normal again in a few hours after a concussion while others have symptoms and sequels for weeks or months, again, it depends on each case in particular .Sometimes a person who has a more serious concussion, may develop new symptoms over time and feels worse than before the injury, this is “Post Concussive Syndrome”. It is important that over the time you start to show Post Concussive Symptoms, you call your doctor and get a thoroughly neurological evaluation. The post concussive symptoms include: difficulty to think, concentrate or remember; headaches or blurry vision; becoming angry or anxious for no reason; lack of interest in your usual activities, changes in your sex drive, dizziness, lightheadedness or unsteadiness that makes difficult for you to walk or standing.

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