Red painful bump on left back side of head.

I am a 17 year old male with a painful to the touch lump on the lower left back side of my head. I have seen a doctor and he used a hallow needle to poke a h...


I am having pain In places I shouldn't. I think I may have cut where I go pee. How long will it take to heal?

Not sure what to do about my pain!!!

Here is my question Okay First off my family has major back problems my grandfather is disabled with chronic back pain because of a birth defect my father i...

Numb leg after a week

Hi. A week ago I took a pretty nasty fall and landed on my left leg a little below the knee, and to the left side a bit. I do have a bruise, but next to the ...

Severe Neck/Head pain

What should I do for very frequent neck pain that send stabbing pain into my head. The pain gets bad enough to have to go to the ER every time, and that's abo...

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