Hurts my thigh when I walk on my heel.

I fell on my leg while skateboarding, and now whenever I try to walk it hurts my upper right thigh. I can do flop my leg around when I'm sitting and I feel nothing, but as soon as I put pressure...


Nerve pain in neck hand & foot

My daughter has been having health problems with her foot, hands and neck for the past 6 months. She's had 2 emg and 3 MRI's. The emg done on her foot, leg & lower back found nerve damage to he...


Painful burning penis

I am 28. my penis burns and hurts all the time and is red.. it does not hurt any worse or less when I pee..


Unusual Bottom-Back Tooth Pain

I recently had a broken tooth filling fixed, but now it feels broken once again. As I bit into a carrot, at least one week after the filling, I heard or felt a crack sound, nothing like a carrot cr...


Upside down testicle

My testicle is upside down, have had pain for over a month, the pain is very dull. Idk what to do

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