Pains in the bottom of my feet

I get pains in the bottom of my feet to where I can barely walk on them when I wake up in the morning and when I'm off my feet for a while what mifht that be?

Perineum Pain

My perineum has been sensitive and seems enlarged or swollen. It blocks a portion of the hole where I release feces therefore causing pain and sometimes blood...

Sore Throat HELP

Will Imitrex (50MG) help relieve the extreme pain in the back of my throat?

Severe pain in thumb

I have had severe pain in thumb, wrist and forearm.. I've had it for 5 months. At first I was told I had De Quervains tendonitis but after taking a X-Ray, and...

Neck pain

its hard for me to swallow anything and to turn my neck to the right and the pain is a 100 I feel like cutting my neck open and relive the pain and I see that...

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