I woke up with a lump on my elbow, what is it?

this morning i woke up with a random little lump on my elbow and it hurts when i touch it what could it be? 2 days ago i took a sleeping pill that my boyfrien...

Slid down stairs.

I was walking down the stairs and just started to slide down the stairs my toes on my left foot right next to the punk toe is bruised and swollen and my left ...

sudden pain in my left thigh and trouble walking

Hello! Two days ago, I got up from my desk at work and had sudden pain in my left thigh and trouble walking. It waxed and waned during the day. That night,...

Lower throat pain when inhaling

"My lower throat hurts when I breath in. My throat is not sore,doesn't hurt when i swallow food or hot drinks or cough. I don't have a cough and i'm not ...

Knuckle pain/swelling, please help

my knuckle linked to my middle finger on the right hand it slightly swollen, hurting and i have a tingly feeling, what could this be?

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